Tipper Truck Hydraulic System

Maintain Your Tipper Truck Hydraulic System at Heavy Hydraulics

Your tipper truck hydraulic system is essential for making sure you can use your truck for work projects when you need it. Ideally, the system won’t need much in the way of maintenance over the years. However, putting your tipper truck through regular inspections and paying attention to its overall performance are both essential steps to avoid leaks or other serious hydraulic-related problems. At Heavy Hydraulics, we are here to help you manage that inspection, service, maintenance and repair process to ensure that your tipper truck is always ready for the next job.

What Sets Heavy Hydraulics Apart Regarding Your Tipper Truck Hydraulic System

Heavy Hydraulics is here to help you with whatever you might need to keep your tipper truck hydraulic system in tip-top condition. Whether you need a tipper truck hydraulic pump repair or are shopping for hydraulic tipper pumps, we can help. Here are a few factors that set us apart from the competition:

  • Our service departments. We have two service installation departments in Australia: one in Adelaide and one in Sydney. Both are known for their high-quality installation/fit-out services, their ongoing maintenance work and outstanding repair services.
  • Our knowledge and experience. We have been operating since 2016 but only employ personnel who bring 20 or more years of experience to the table. The result is an extremely knowledgeable team, whether you need help finding the right tipper truck hydraulic gear pump or are bringing your tipper in for a troubleshooting service.

What You Can Expect from Heavy Hydraulics Regarding Your Tipper Truck Hydraulic System

Now you know that you can trust Heavy Hydraulics with your tipper truck, the next question is this: what can you expect from your customer experience if you choose us? Here are a few of the ways we make sure every customer will want to work with us over and over again:

  • A personalised approach. Because of our wide range of parts, many customers assume we are a large, corporate-driven company. In truth, we are still a small company—we are just competing in a big marketplace. We stay true to our small business roots by making sure each customer enjoys attentive, focused and personalised service.
  • Quick and timely service. Let’s say your tipper truck hydraulic pump has been having problems, leaving your tipper truck more or less out of service. We know how disruptive and ultimately costly it can be for an operator to have an out-of-service truck—even for a few days. When you come to us for service, we will always work to deliver quick, timely repairs and maintenance to get you back on the road.
  • Thorough service. Perhaps you’ve just purchased an PTO and Pump for your Tipper and want to make sure that it is installed correctly. Maybe you are simply bringing your tipper truck in for a routine inspection and upkeep service. In either case, you can count on us to be extremely thorough and accurate with the work that we do. We never, ever want you to have a problem on the job site because we missed something or made an error during installation.

The Importance of a Well-Maintained Tipper Truck Hydraulic System

Many customers come to Heavy Hydraulics first and foremost for hydraulic system parts. They end up using us as their maintenance and service department, simply because they recognise the value of a well-maintained hydraulic system. Here are a few reasons why regular service and maintenance are important for your system:

  • It helps avoid downtime. If you are in the midst of a project and your tipper truck breaks down, how much will that delay your work? Will it lose you a contract? If so, how much money will that end up costing you? No matter the answers, routine maintenance is always less expensive than unexpected downtime.
  • It avoids safety risks. If you happen to be using your tipper truck when the hydraulic system fails, it could lead to serious injury for whoever is operating the vehicle or working nearby. Proper maintenance can minimise these risks.
  • It maximises service life. Just as keeping your car well-maintained can keep it running for many extra years and kilometres, proper maintenance for your tipper truck and its hydraulic system can help you keep it as a core part of your work fleet for significantly longer.

Related Services We Provide to Your Tipper Truck Hydraulic Pump

If you decide to shop with Heavy Hydraulics to purchase a new gear pump or PTO for a tipper truck, be sure to consider these other services we offer:

  • A ‘one-stop shop’ product range. In addition to PTOs, gear pumps and piston pumps, we also have a large enough range to act as your one-stop shop for hydraulic components. Shop with us for valves, truck cabin controls, power packs, oil tanks, oil coolers, scissor lifts and hydraulic accessories.
  • Installation services. Make sure your new hydraulic pump is properly installed. We do hydraulic fit-outs (including custom designs) for tipper trucks, car carriers, truck-mounted cranes and more.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Whether its preventative maintenance (such as hydraulic fluid checks and filter replacements) or diagnostic and repair work, we can help you keep your hydraulic system operating in peak form.

Why Trust Heavy Hydraulics Regarding Your Tipper Truck Hydraulic System

We like to say that we ‘live and breathe’ the hydraulics industry. Whether you are shopping with us or trusting us with maintenance and repairs, you can rest easy knowing that we will take extreme care to bring you the best results we can. To learn more, contact us today.