Heavy Hydraulics offers full installation services for all products that we sell. We have a dedicated team of service professionals ready to perform installations for all trucking applications at our facilities.​

We are equipped to support complete custom designs, diagnostics and hydraulic fit-ups. From troubleshooting to modifications to an existing system, you can count on our service team to address your most demanding needs.​​

We are familiar with the difficulties that operators face when their trucks are off-road for preventative maintenance or repair, and therefore we will make every effort at keeping your truck moving and downtime costs to a minimum.​​

Capabilities of servicing, repairing or replacing in house:

Truck Hydraulic Installations

  • Fit-ups to suit all types of applications e.g.
    • Tippers
    • Car Carriers
    • Walking Floors
    • Truck mounted Cranes​
    • And many more………

Truck Hydraulic Service & Repairs​

  • Major Component Service, Repair & Replacements
    • Power Take-Offs
    • Piston Pumps
    • Piston motors
    • Control Valves
    • Cylinders
    • Oil Coolers
  • General Hydraulic Maintenance
    • Hydraulic Filters​
    • Hydraulic Oils
    • Hose & Fittings Services

Hydraulic Repair Service

Keep Your Fleet Running with Our Effective Hydraulic Repair Service

Around the nation, truck operators require hydraulic repair service for their repair and service needs. After all, when your trucks stop working, so does your company’s ability to make money. Heavy Hydraulics is available to provide information and service to any operator looking for the most trustworthy source for truck hydraulics maintenance. 

Key Questions to Ask Heavy Hydraulics about Truck Hydraulic Service

To get an idea of the kinds of service we provide, review a few important questions that address the nature of service you should get and which brands you can trust.

  • How can we get better performance out of our fleet?

    Ideally, every company wants to ensure that their trucks are functioning at peak capacity. That demands high-quality equipment and skilful technicians, whether for truck hydraulics installation, maintenance, or repairs. We strongly recommend ensuring that you keep your trucks in good condition through regular inspections and prompt service any time something goes wrong.
  • When should I retrofit a new system onto an old truck rather than buying an additional truck?

This decision is more dependent on your needs. If the old truck is standing idle or can easily be replaced by another one in your fleet without overtaxing your resources, then you can save money by adding a new system. On the other hand, if you’re in the midst of an expansion or are otherwise using the entirety of your fleet, then it makes sense to purchase a new truck to suit the demand.

  • What brands do you recommend using for our truck hydraulics repairs?
    When it comes to truck hydraulics installation, we partner with OMFB, Chelsea, Oilpath, and Parker. These manufacturers produce high-quality equipment such as oil tanks, power take-offs, piston pumps, gear pumps and valves. Our team is always on the lookout for the most reliable manufacturers, so any parts that we stock come with our seal of approval.

Why Trust Heavy Hydraulics Regarding Hydraulic Cylinder Sales

Not all hydraulics maintenance companies are the same, and several things distinguish us from the competition:

  • Our team lives and breathes trucking and hydraulics. Each member has extensive experience and a broad base of familiarity with numerous models, machines, and components. 
  • As a small company, each time you interact with us, you’re speaking with someone who knows the industry well. Despite the small company feel, we have a national reach, so we’re at your side whenever and wherever you need us.
  • We’re recognised as an official distributor for OMFB, Chelsea, and Oilpath components, so exceptional companies stand with us in support of the quality of our work.

Prepare for Your Visit to Our Sydney Service Centre

When your fleet in New South Wales needs maintenance, the best place to go is our Sydney service centre. You should be aware of the following information before bringing your trucks in:

  • Our technicians swiftly resolve your hydraulic pump repairs in Sydney so that you can keep your trucks moving. We recognise that any minute your trucks are inoperable, you’re losing money. Let us help you keep that time to a minimum so your team can keep working without interruption. 
  • When it comes time for replacements, or you’re looking to install better hydraulic systems during downtime, our service team is there for you. We can provide fit-ups to suit any special equipment, such as tippers, car carriers, walking floors, and truck-mounted cranes.
  • All we need before your visit is to know what kind of work you would like done and the vehicles on which we’ll be working. Our team has experience with all common truck makes and are well-versed in how to conduct repairs and replacements with custom, aftermarket equipment. Call 02 8783 6255 to schedule a visit to our Sydney centre at 58 Lyn Parade, Prestons, NSW 2170.

Benefits of Visiting our Adelaide Service Centre

We also have a convenient Adelaide service centre available for operators with trucks in South Australia. We’ll provide an exceptional experience with several benefits when you use our service:

  • Our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about common truck designs and issues. We can discover the issues that may be affecting your current system and propose practical solutions that get your trucks back on the road. 
  • We offer a variety of helpful services, including hydraulic pump repairs in Adelaide as well as replacements of power take-offs, piston pumps and motors, control valves, cylinders, oil coolers, hydraulic filters, hydraulic oils, and fittings. No matter what’s troubling your trucks, we’ve got an answer.
  • As with our Sydney service centre, all you need to do is call ahead and let us know what problems you’re experiencing and schedule a visit. Call our Adelaide centre at 08 8243 2111 and visit us at 17-19 Hakkinen Road, Wingfield, SA 5013.

We dedicate ourselves to providing all our clients exceptional service, and we continue to offer that well after you’ve purchased a new part or installation.

Why Trust Heavy Hydraulics Regarding Hydraulic Pump Service

Our team has been making an impact in the world of hydraulics service and repairs in the years that we’ve been operating. Transport companies and distributors rely on our dedicated service to keep their fleets moving, and we’ve consistently served them with distinguished quality. We love the opportunity to work on new systems and overcome the unique mechanical challenges that each of our clients faces, so our passion drives us to deliver results. Contact us today to discuss your fleet’s needs and how Heavy Hydraulics can serve you. 

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