Aluminium and Steel Hydraulic Tanks of all shapes and sizes with usable capacities from 15ltrs to 200ltrs.


  • TIP Series Valve-Mount Tanks
  • CH Series Chassis-Mounted Tanks
  • BP Series Multi-Fit Oil Tanks
  • BR Series Multi-Fit Oil Tanks
  • MONO Series Slimline Side-Mounted Oil Tanks
  • Vertical Series Rear-Of-Cab Oil Tanks
  • V1 Series Rear Mount Tank Supports
  • Tank Accessories


Truck Hydraulic Tank

Heavy Hydraulics Will Provide Your Next Truck Hydraulic Tank

Heavy Hydraulics is well known for the innovative solutions our experienced team can provide in the transport industry, and that includes a truck hydraulic tank. We provide tanks made from steel and aluminium in a variety of different sizes to fit your needs. We live and breathe the transport industry, and you can trust us with handling all your hydraulic needs and getting you back on the road quickly. We don’t want your trucks to be off the road for any longer than necessary, so we will do everything in our power to provide a quick turnaround.

Why Trust Heavy Hydraulics Regarding Hydraulic Oil tanks for Trucks

Our repeat customers know that we live and breathe the transportation industry with many members of our team having extensive experience. Another thing we understand is the difficulties that operators face when their trucks are off the road for preventative maintenance or repair. That is why we make every effort to keep you moving and your downtimes to a minimum. Here are a few reasons they keep coming back:

  • We maintain a large range of parts to handle any hydraulics needs you might have for your truck, including tanks, oil coolers, piston pumps, valves, hydraulic accessories and more. If you need special or rare parts for your truck, we can work with you to obtain and install them.
  • We offer full installation services for every product we sell. Our dedicated and experienced team of service professionals are ready to perform installations for all trucking applications in our state-of-the-art facilities. 
  • If you have custom-designed equipment, we can support it. We can also troubleshoot and modify your existing systems should you desire it. Feel free to ask one of the members of our experienced team for more information should you need custom work.

About Heavy Hydraulics

Heavy Hydraulics grew out as an extension of Heavy Automatics, and we entered the transport hydraulic industry intending to become a leading provider of truck hydraulic system solutions. Our experienced team will provide the best solutions using quality hydraulic components for all trucking applications. Contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide, including aluminium hydraulic tanks for trucks

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