A wide range of Gear Pumps with displacements capacities from 12cc to 150cc. All pumps are made to meet durability and high-performance tests to suit extreme working conditions.

  • NPLH Series UNI Gear Pumps – 6cc to 40cc
  • NPLH Series ISO Gear Pumps – 6cc to 40cc
  • NPH Series UNI Gear Pumps – 17cc to 125cc
  • DTH Series ISO Tipper Gear Pumps – 60cc to 80cc
  • NPH Series ISO Gear Pumps – 17cc to 125cc
  • NPH Series Tandem UNI Gear Pumps - 17cc to 82cc
  • NPH Series Tandem ISO Gear Pumps – 17cc to 82cc
  • NPGH Series Heavy Duty ISO Gear Pumps – 63cc to 150cc

High-performance Piston pumps with low noise and high efficiencies for continuous flows. The Piston Pumps are fine-tuned and well-engineered to meet extreme working conditions.

  • DARK Series Straight Axial Piston Pumps ISO - 21cc to 60cc
  • DARK Series Straight Axial Piston Pumps UNI - 21cc to 60cc
  • HDS/MDS Series Bent Axis Piston Pump ISO - 40cc to 80cc
  • HDS/MDS Series Bent Axis Piston Pump ISO - 84cc to 130cc
  • HDT Series Bent Axis Piston Pump ISO – 75cc to 108cc
  • TWIN FLOW HDS Series Bent Axis Piston Pump ISO
  • TWIN FLOW Bypass Valve
  • HDS Series Bypass Valve
  • PPV Series ISO Variable Piston Pumps

Truck Hydraulic Pump

Browse Our Truck Hydraulic Pump Range for Gear and Piston Pumps

At Heavy Hydraulics, we are here to help you pick out the right truck hydraulic pump to suit your needs. Our range includes both gear pumps and high-performance piston pumps. Both styles of pumps are available in a spectrum of different displacement capacities from 12cc on the low end to 150cc on the high end. Learn how to choose the right hydraulic pump for your truck.

Common Mistakes People Make When Picking out a Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Pump

You will want to avoid some of the most common mistakes that you can make while selecting a truck-mounted hydraulic pump. These include:

  • Not knowing the difference between gear and piston pumps. We stock both gear pumps and piston pumps. Hydraulic gear pumps are versatile, durable, and generally low-cost options. They can support a range of pressures and displacement capacities. Piston pumps are typically intended for High-Pressure Hard-Working Applications. They are more expensive than gear pumps but are necessary for specific applications.
  • Not doing your homework. We provide product brochures on our website that you can use to research the specifications of the gear and piston pumps that you may need. Doing product research and comparisons will help you to find and focus on the pump that best meets your needs. 

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Truck Hydraulic Pump

At Heavy Hydraulics, we are here to help you get as much value as possible from your truck-mounted hydraulic pump purchase. Here’s how you can work with us to get that extra value:

  • Ask for advice. If you aren’t sure what you need from a hydraulic pump, just ask. We’ll chat with you to understand your hydraulic applications and determine what you require in pressure capacity, displacement capability, pump type, and more.

  • Get any other hydraulic equipment you need. We want to be your one-stop shop for hydraulic equipment. Whether you need a PTO to convert your vehicle’s power into hydraulic power or a valve to work with your pump for controlling your application, we have the equipment that you need in stock.

  • Count on us for installation and service: In addition to being a trusted hydraulics retailer, we have a service department backed by years of industry experience. We are prepared to install any product that we sell, which means that we can make sure your vehicles hydraulic system is working properly before you drive away. We can also assist with ongoing maintenance and repairs to help you get the maximum lifespan out of your pump.

Why Trust Heavy Hydraulics to Provide Your Truck Hydraulic Pump?

We want to provide a truck hydraulic pump capable of doing all the work that you need it to do. With a comprehensive product selection that spans the finest brands on the market and a service team that knows hydraulics inside and out, we are the professionals that can help you find the ideal hydraulic pump for your application. Contact us today to get started.

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